Cacao Mass 100% 2 kg CRU VENEZUELA


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Cacao Mass 100% Venezuela.
Trinitario de Venezuela

100% cocoa mass, blend of Venezuelan cocoas selected by Amedei.

Cook with the best chocolates of Origen that we offer you.

A captivating, full-bodied and clean Amedei chocolate. The intense flavor leaves a really pleasant aromatic richness in the mouth.

Crus come from individual production areas and, like grapes, are the product of a particular climate and region and have their own individual characteristics and distinctive flavors.

They are the expression of the most special cocoa bean. The raw material arrives in its pure state, the aroma has a strong point and the acidity of the flavor is intense, giving way to a fresh and clean aftertaste.

This chocolate stands out for its delicate aroma of sweet butter, green coffee, sandalwood, incense, dried fruit, hazelnut, walnut, almond, cashew, slightly spicy.

This "cru" comes from plantations in Venezuela that provide us with a "trinitario", whose genetic composition is more than 85% "criollo", the cocoa bean of the ancient Mayans. These "crus" represent the genetic diversity of cocoa beans that exist today.

From the best grains that are an example of the characteristics of each type of tree, they are grown following the traditional guidelines of the producers in the countries of origin.

Amedei Cru are a journey following the tracks of the oldest varieties of cocoa, grown in individual plantations and made according to the customs of their countries of origin.



Lo uso para hacer bombones. El chocolate derretido es fácil de verter y forma una capa fina y fuerte en el molde. El sabor es intenso y largo con notas de frutos secos.


Cocoa paste. Minimum 100% cocoa.

May contain traces of hazelnut, almond, pistachio, walnut, milk.




Tipo de producto
% Cacao
Tipo de Cacao
Ámerica - Venezuela
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