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Dark Chocolate 75%
Trinidad y Tobago

The first Trinitarian cocoas appeared on the Island of Trinidad, hence their name. Fine aroma cocoas, Creole hybrids, that have colonized the world.
Bonnat buys a scented cocoa with brilliant nuances on this island to make a classic tablet.
The GRANDES CRUS DE CACAO are selected with the utmost exigency by Stephane Bonnat, Maestro who is the fourth generation of master chocolatiers heirs of the great tradition of French chocolate.
The cocoa beans from the best plantations around the world arrive at Maison Bonnat to be roasted and processed in Voiron, giving rise to a collection of high-level tablets.

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Cocoa paste, cocoa butter, cane sugar.

May contain traces of gluten, dairy and nuts

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Tipos de Chocolate
% Cacao
60% - 80%
Tipo de Cacao
Ámerica - Trinidad
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