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Single Origin

NICALISO 70% from a single origin chocolate to northern Nicaragua, offering small volume of high caliad.

A very fruity chocolate with a pleasant acidity point. Notes of red wine. Long and velvety flavor. Cinnamon is added, a classic chocolate but a dare in the world bean to bar.

It is cinnamon leaf from WAKAYAMA, Japan, and it is part of the collection with Japanese flavors that Friis Holm created in 2020.

Introducing Mikkel Friis Holm is unnecessary. One of the best bean to bars of the moment, of Danish origin (trained in the Scharffenberger house) and interested in good living, sustainability and ethics in chocolate work.

With cocoa from Nicaragua and Honduras, it creates the most awarded range of tablets in Europe in recent years. The secret of his success is the correct fermentation of the Creole cocoa.

Believer in direct trade (CACAO DIRECT, without stamps or intermediaries) of cocoa and in the responsibility behind each tablet, it offers us aromatic products.

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cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter and fresh green cinnamon leaves

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% Cacao
60% - 80%
Ámerica - Nicaragua
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