Chocolate Grand Cru Xoconusco


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Finca la Rioja


A chocolate to enjoy, a small gastronomic gem that gives us the opportunity to get to know the original cocoa.

Xoconusco is the cradle of Real cocoa, the one that only reached the local and European elites.

This cocoa was preserved in a way that maintains its original creolized genetics and the chocolate surprises us with its beautiful light color.

Some call this cocoa "Porcelana Blanca Rioja" because of the color of the chocolate and the fruity notes.

Vinte Vinte is a company linked to the most exclusive and authentic wineries in Porto, which makes chocolate a high quality product.

Its technical director, Pedro Araujo, with a gastronomic training, creates a collection of chocolates designed for an audience seeking authentic experiences and elegant pairings.

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cocoa, sugar

Tipo de producto
Tipos de Chocolate
% Cacao
60% - 80%
Tipo de Cacao
Criollo- Xoconusco
Ámerica - México
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