Chocolate UGANDA SANDUKU 72%


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Semcu Bundibugyo
Bean to Bar de Comercio Directo

This chocolate, like all those made by Zoto, is a jewel product of work that goes beyond buying a batch of cocoa to make a bean to bar, it is the commitment to the farmer from harvest to sale of this tablet . It is the ZOTO protocol that is reflected in this cocoa.

In this specific case, from Uganda, we witnessed Zoi Papalexandratou's field work in the distance together with the cocoa farmers whom we were able to meet thanks to the technology.

It is a batch of 350 kilos of cocoa blend of local cocoas that has been fermented for 7 days in 3 rounds and dried in the sun for 7 days in two phases. Traceability is very important and ZOTO maintains it above all else.

To arrive at this chocolate with notes of amber wine, honey, menthol y pecan, the cocoa has been roasted very lightly for the shortest possible time.

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Tipos de Chocolate
% Cacao
60% - 80%
Africa - Uganda
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