Chocolate JAVA 75 %

ORIGEN Bean to Bar

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Bean to Bar 

Trinitario Java

Of course, smoked, not excessive but enough to give little prominence to the rest of the notes and with a very long and persistent finish.

A chocolate for those who love Indonesian cocoas and smoky, earthy and intense flavors.

The cocoa is roasted the minimum and is shelled for 68 hours to obtain a balanced chocolate.

Ivan Pascual creates Origen Bean to Bar from his experience in pastry and chocolate, endorsed by international and national awards.

He seeks to return to work in cocoa, the original trade that has been lost and is now being recovered through the bean to bar.

His collection includes ball to bar, that is, high-quality patisserie chips with bean to bar toppings, a highly personal quality proposal.

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cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter

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Tipos de Chocolate
% Cacao
60% - 80%
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Asia - Indonesia
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